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Wish to upgrade to a better device with latest tech? With TeckSwitch, it has become easier than ever to upgrade to the device you have always desired. We give you the best and highest possible payout for your device, just trade-in your existing device and receive Store Credit which can be utilized to purchase from a wide range of brand new, certified and renewed devices at Teckzu.

Let’s show you how it works

Enjoy a seamless experience with 5 easy steps

Step 1

Tell us about your device

Fill up the device evaluation form with all the required information such as device model, condition, storage capacity and do not forget to upload a few images of your device to check the eligibility of a trade-in.

Step 2

Get a tentative quote

Receive a tentative quote if your device is eligible for a trade-in based on the information you have provided us. The quote is subject to change post comprehensive evaluation.

Step 3

Ship your device

Send over your device for an in-depth evaluation, our team of highly qualified technicians will conduct a comprehensive check on the device for any functional and cosmetic irregularities.

Step 4

Get the final offer

After a successful comprehensive evaluation of your device, you will receive a finalquote for the device you wish to trade in. You can either wish to accept the final quote or reject it and have your device sent back to you.

Step 5

Receive Store Credit

If you choose to accept the final offer and wish to trade-in, you will receive store credit against your old device.You can utilize the store credit to purchase from a wide range of brand new, certified and renewed devices at Teckzu.

Devices you can upgrade to

A glimpse of devices you can upgrade to using TeckSwitch

Why TeckSwitch?

The simplest, fastest and safest way to trade in your old device
Accurate Evaluation
Transparent Process
Certified and Renewed Tech
Free 12-month limited warranty
Dedicated Customer Support
Great savings on upgrade

Device Evaluation Form

Tell us everything about your device!
Basic Details
The provided information will be used to register an account at Teckzu
Please use a valid email ID for communication
Device Information
Please add the correct device information.
Please select your device Category
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Please select your device Brand
Please select your device Brand
Please upload the following images of your device for cosmetic evaluation:-
  • Device Screen
  • Front, back and side shots
  • Screenshot of IMEI/Serial Number

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? Hope we have answered them!
  • What is TeckSwitch?

    TeckSwitch is a device trade-in program offered by Teckzu. Our highly qualified technicians on board provide you with an estimated value based on the device evaluation form you submit. If you choose to accept the initial quote, we will send you the required shipping information and you can send in your device for an in-depth evaluation.

    Your device will be thoroughly inspected for any functional or cosmetic irregularities, and if it is in the condition stated on the device evaluation form, you will receive store credit for the initial quoted amount. If the device is not in the stated condition, we will provide you with a new quote. You can either choose to accept the new and final quote or choose to have your device back.

  • What devices are eligible for TeckSwitch?

    Currently we only accept select brands and models of smartphones, laptops and tablets. We constantly update the list of eligible brands and models, we encourage you to check back regularly.

  • How long does the entire trade-in process take?

    The entire trade-in process typically takes about a week. But the sooner you ship your device to us after receiving the initial quote, the sooner your device will be inspected, and we will be able to share with you the final quote. If there is a delay due to any unforeseen circumstances, you will duly be notified by us.

  • How can I follow the status of my trade-in?

    If you wish to know the status of your trade-in, do not hesitate to contact us at support@teckzu.com with your trade-in Reference ID.

  • How will I get to know about the initial quote and final quote for my device?

    We will communicate with you over a phone call and email about your initial quote and also the final quote.

  • Will I receive the initial quoted value as Store Credit?

    Once we receive your device, it will be thoroughly inspected for any functional or cosmetic irregularities. If the device happens to be in the condition you stated to be in, you will receive the initial quoted value in the form of Store Credit. If the device is not in condition you stated to be in, you will receive a new and final quote. You have the option to either accept the final quote and receive Store Credit or have your device sent back to you.

  • I do not wish to proceed with my trade-in, can I cancel it?

    Changed your mind? No worries, you can cancel your trade-in any time as long as the store credit has not been credited to your account.

  • Do I have to ship my device’s accessories such as charger, cables and earphones?

    No, it is not necessary to send in your device’s accessories.

  • Can I trade in more than one device at a time with you?

    Sure, you can trade-in multiple devices with us. But, please note you can submit only one device evaluation form at a time.

  • Where and how do I ship my device for the comprehensive evaluation?

    Once you have accepted the initial evaluation, we will send you an email with the shipping label and the necessary instructions regarding the shipping procedure of your device.

  • How do I prepare my device for Trade-In?

    Follow the below steps to ensure you are trade-in ready: -

    • Back up your photos, videos, contacts, messages, music and other important files.
    • Make sure you have removed your SD card and SIM card.
    • Reset your device to its factory settings.