Your Macbook got wet?! Here is what to do

Your Macbook got wet?! Here is what to do

Your Macbook got wet?! Here is what to do

Oops!…….before you could blink, water spilled on your MacBook

Here are the dos and don'ts of what you should do next.

  1. Unplug your Mac’s charger

The very first thing to do is unplug your Macbook from its charger.  This will cut the continuous flow of current to your computer and help limit additional damage.

  1. Turn your Macbook off immediately

Considering it’s not shut down by itself, the very second thing to do is to turn it off immediately. As water and dust are the most significant enemies of your Macbook, it makes sense to turn it off immediately, especially if the trackpad is not affected.

If the liquid is all over the machine, hold the Macbook’s power button for a few seconds and turn it off.

  1.  Unplug all connected peripherals 

Remove any connected devices such as wired headphones, hard disk, external SSD pen drives, keyboard, mouse, or Bluetooth receivers from your MacBook. Disconnecting them will ensure the safety of these peripherals and help prevent water from clogging the ports or whittling its way inside.

  1. Unplug the battery if you have the tools 


          Unplugging the battery is possible on everyday Unibody Macbooks also, but you must have the right set of tools for the job, such as a  Philip or a pentagon screwdriver to remove the back lid. 

After that, use an opening tool (or fingernails) to remove the battery connector from the logic board. Unplugging the battery prevents current from flowing throughout the wet board, potentially preventing any additional (severe) damage.

  1. Let the Macbook dry out - 48 hours

After you follow the above steps, wait for the water to evaporate. Best practice dictates leaving the MacBook powered off for at least 48 hours.

To accelerate the process, it’s ok to put it under a fan or use a hairdryer at a safe (low) heat level (make sure not to apply continuous heat for an extended period of time as this may damage internal components).

  1. Contact Apple Support 

If your MacBook has completely dried out in a couple of days, then it may be safe to open and use. Most likely it should work also. 

Still, it would be better to get the MacBook examined by an expert. Depending on where it is bought, you can contact Apple support. For iPhones, we can tecare it for you!

What is tecare?

 It is new, through accidental protection which your iPhone requires, for any kind of damage protection lasting for up to one year! In this, we cover your phones from all major damages such as water spillage, cracked screens and so much more. Do check it out here

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