Different Types of iPhone Users

Different Types of iPhone Users

Different Types of iPhone Users

The iPhone has drastically evolved in terms of innovation from a niche product for early adopters to a leading economic force.

Due to such radical growth, we have realized that several different types of users have emerged as well.

Let’s look at the different iPhone users that you will definitely come across in your day-to-day life.

1. The iPhone fanatic one

The iPhone Fanatic one is excited about anything that is related to Apple.

They own every version of the iPhone, and they are the first ones to buy the latest iPhone on the launch day – every year.

Not just the iPhone, but every gadget they own has to be from Apple, whether it’s an iPad, or a MacBook, or an Apple watch, or Apple Airpods…Everything!

Also, don’t be surprised if you catch such people wearing an Apple t-shirt proudly.

2. The inattentive one

These iPhone users always and always have a broken crack on their iPhone screen and they wouldn’t even bother.

They are not fully aware of the raw computing capability in their hands, and they probably wouldn't care anyway.

3. The grumpy whiner

The grumpy whiner has nothing to do but whine all day about his iPhone - from the price tag to how Steve Jobs would have made a better phone.

They keep telling people how they are going to switch to android.

Also, they easily get mad when they see a senior citizen using it falsely.

4. The senior citizen

Honestly, no one’s even sure how these users end up having an iPhone.

They use it with so much caution, and they type so slow that for a second you’ll think the earth has stopped rotating.

Their grandkids are amazed every time they send a text, and Siri never understands them.

5. The iPhone addict

These users literally utilize every penny that they spent on their iPhones by using them to their full extend. In fact, they are always on it to such an extent that it’s difficult to even have a conversation with them.

Even when they go to the washroom, expect them not to come out for hours.

You can find such users staring down at their lap instead of anyone at the dinner table, or even during their working hours.

6. The selfie lovers

You’ll always spot such people clicking a selfie for different moments of their lives, even the most irrelevant ones.

Oh, let me take a selfie with my cat, or while I’m driving, or when I’m eating a burger…Literally for everything!

7. The typing-machine

Most teenagers are the ones who fall under this category.

Whenever you see them on a street, or in the movies, or while having dinner with family, they keep texting at such a fast speed with the weirdest expressions on their faces.

8. The blingy one

Some people just love their cell phones to be blingy. And they show it off just like a small kid who’s got a new toy. 

Sometimes, it gets too blingy and shiny that it’s hard for us to open our eyes.

They might not even know half of its features but still, show them off as a diamond.

Which Type Are You?

To know which type you are, you need an iPhone for that!

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