Apple Products Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Apple Products Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Apple Products Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Can’t decide on which Apple product you should buy this Ramadan?

Perhaps let your horoscope sign decide that for you – because why not? You are perplexed already!

Sure, it might sound totally wacky & absurd, but it might actually help you to pick the right product for your personality.

We’ve put together a product suggestion for each sign depending on key personality traits & product specs that appear to be a match.

Of course, if another sign’s product suits your personality more, you are free to choose what you desire!

1. Aquarius

People under this sign are said to be progressive, independent & intelligent.

They also like feeling connected to loved ones and enjoy watching movies or shows on a screen that’s bigger than an iPhone.

The MacBook is the perfect device for an Aquarius to bring out the leadership in him/her, stay connected to loved ones through endless video calls, as well as watch his/her favorite show on a bigger screen.

2. Pieces

Pieces are positive visionaries & are happiest when they are feeling creative.

The iPad Pro 11 is the perfect device to express their creativity & start doing more of what they love.

3. Aries

Aries are progressive leaders.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the best of the best, so it's a phone meant for them.

They enjoy being ahead of the pack so, for that, they need the most advanced phone in the market.

4. Taurus

Taurus’s are all about effortlessness & functionality.

They don’t need anything that’s flashy & trendy as long as it gets the work done with ease.

The iPhone x is the phone for people under this sign because it’s nothing extra, & it keeps things simple & familiar, just how they like it.

5. Gemini

Gemini’s have a dual personality & they seek products that can be used in more than 1 way.

This is why the Apple watch series 4 perfectly complements their temperament.

It's a functioning watch, health monitor, and fitness tracker and can be used as a phone too!

6. Cancer

Cancers are sentimental people.

They prefer sticking to what they know and not get flabbergasted by new iPhones.

Such people should opt for the iPhone x, it’s surely something that they would want.

7. Leo

Leo’s are ambitious, determined & motivating people.

For them, a bigger device is always better, which is why the iPhone 11 Pro Max is what their heart truly desires.

8. Virgo

 Virgo’s are very alert & very punctual.

They need something that helps them in keeping up with their schedule, which is why the Apple Watch Series 4 is the best companion they need.

9. Libra

 Libras want to get the most out of their lives.

They love music and being able to let loose is very ideal to them.

The AirPods Pro is what they need as they always turn to music when they are feeling down or are in need of an escape.

10. Scorpio

Let’s face it; Scorpios can be of high maintenance.

They feel great when they live up to their own high standards.

Considering that the iPhone 11 Pro is a ground-breaking upgrade, there is absolutely no doubt that this phone is meant for Scorpios.

11. Sagittarius

Sagittarians love being outdoors & enjoying their own peace, however they do worry about their loved ones all the time.

The Apple watch series 4 is the right blend between embracing your outdoor lifestyle while being in contact with loved ones.

12.  Capricorn

Capricorns are perfectionists.

They are the most confident when surrounded by high functioning people & objects.

They wouldn’t sell for anything lesser than the iPhone 11 Pro.

Which Apple Product are You?

Now that you know which Apple product suits you based on your horoscope sign, what are you waiting for?

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